What Do The Colors Of Traditional Karate Belts Mean?

What Do The Colors Of Traditional Karate Belts Mean?

To get a good understanding of karate, it is best that a person just take a good look at nature. In nature, growth is quite evident. In the world of karate, growth is also very noticeable.

Within this article, a person can understand the ranking system in this form of life. The earliest practitioners used a very simple system that has been used for many years. We will show the meanings behind each of the belt colors beginning with the first which is the white belt.

Notice that there was much wisdom in the way progression was made in belt colors. There was always a darker color. A practitioner of this art would not have to buy or make a new belt, they could just dye the one they had when they progressed to a new level.

These are the karate belt colors and the meanings behind each one:

White Belt


White: Consider any plant. They start as a seed. This is also true in the art of karate. When a person first starts, they are a white belt. They are a seed just planted which needs to be watered and fed. It represents the seed in growth under a winter blanket of snow.



Green Karate Belt


Green: The student has become a recognizable plant. The green of their leaves is quite evident. Those around will notice a “huge” spurt in growth and the wisdom attained in the art will manifest itself in a powerful way.



Brown Karate Belt


Brown: The brown belt represents the ripening of the seed. Maturity in the art will show highly as the student dyes their belt from green to brown. The student has passed beginner to a mature student of the art. He/she will begin to help others nurture their growth and learning.



Black Karate Belt


Black: Realizing that there is a darkness beyond the sun, the karate student realizes there is still so much to learn. They will help new seedlings grow and mature and the student will also allow their roots to grow bigger and stronger. While helping other seedlings spurt and grow, the black belt will also still be in growth with the realization that he/she never stops learning.


These are the colors. Nature and karate work hand-in-hand. Come join us and grow with nature’s colors. Not only will you learn self-defense, you will also learn control over your mind and body.

No matter a person’s age or background, there is many great things they can learn. Children and aged individuals are welcome in this atmosphere. After all, everyone is a seedling with growth potential.

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