Katas (Forms)


Gekisai dai ichi gekisai gekisai_ichi
(Attack & Smash I)
Geki means to “attack,” and Sai means to “smash;” and as a compound Dai Ichi means “the first” or “number one.”
Gekisai dai ni geki2 gekisai_ni
(Attack & Smash II)
Geki means to “attack,” and Sai means to “smash;” and as a compound Dai Ni means “the second” or “number two.”
Sanchin sanchin sanchinkata
(Three Battles)
San means “three” and chin mean “battle.” (mind, body, and spirit)
Tensho tensho tenshokata
(Rotating Palms)
Ten means “turning” or “shifting,” and Shomeans “palm.”
Saifa saifa saifakata
(Smash & Destroy)
Sai means “smash” or “break,” and Fa means “tear,” or “destroy.”
Seiyunchin seiyunchin seiyunchinkata
(To Control and Pull in Battle)
Sei means “to control,” Yun means “to pull,” and Chin means “to do battle.”
Sanseiru sanseiru sanseirukata
(36 Hands)
San mean three, Sei means “ten,” and Ru means “six.”
Shisochin shisochin shisochinkata
(Four Direction Battle)
Shi means “four,” So means “direction,” andChin means “battle”
Sepai sepai sepaikata
(18 Hands)
Sei means” ten,” and Pai means “eight”
Seisan seisan seisankata
(13 Hands)
Sei means “ten” and San means “three.”
Kururunfa kururunfa kururunfakata
(control for a long time and suddenly defeat)
Ku means “a long time,” Ru means “keep in place” or “stop from moving,” Run means “suddenly,” and Fa means “destroy” or “tear.”
Suparinpei suparinpei suparinpeikata
(108 Hands)
Su means “one,” Pa means “hundred,” Rinmeans “zero,” and Pei means “eight.”