6 Ways Karate Makes You Happier

6 Ways Karate Makes You Happier

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Numerous studies have shown the many benefits of karate. From teaching self-discipline to improving self-esteem, karate is an excellent form of exercise for any student. Recent studies have even shown that karate helps children in school, improving both grades and behavior.

But did you know that karate also makes you happy? That’s right, doing karate can improve mood in a variety of ways, from releasing certain chemicals into the brain to reducing stress and helping with sleep at night.

Here are the top six ways that karate makes you happy.

 1. It Releases Dopamine

As a form of exercise, karate releases dopamine into your brain. Dopamine is a chemical substance in the body that plays a major role in mood: in the brain, it acts as a neurotransmitter, a chemical messenger that transmits certain signals to nerve cells. The signals that dopamine sends out catalyze feelings of happiness and pleasure in the brain. By doing karate, you are consistently increasing dopamine production in your brain, which improves mood exponentially over time. This is especially important as you get older and your brain’s supply of dopamine begins to decrease.


2. It Provides Energy

In addition to releasing dopamine in your brain, karate also provides energy. While a long day at school or work may make you feel as though you are too tired to do anything, much less karate, research shows that energy levels actually elevate after exercise. Even if you are feeling exhausted, karate will most likely provide enough energy for the rest of the day. By providing more energy, karate further improves mood, making you happier.


3. It Reduces Stress 

Research shows that not only does karate release dopamine and provide more energy, it can also help reduce stress. First, exercise such as karate helps reduce stress in the short term by allowing you to focus your mind on something other than the stress. Second, karate is also beneficial in reducing stress over time. Exercise places a small amount of stress on your body, and as you deal with this stress regularly, your body adapts and better copes with other causes of stress, making you feel less strained and happier.

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4. It Combats Insomnia

Have you been having difficulty sleeping? Rather than taking medication, try karate. Methods of exercise such as karate have been proven to be more effective in the long run for those who suffer from insomnia and other sleep problems. Not only will karate improve your quality of sleep, but it will also make you feel much more energized in the morning. Better quality sleep is another way to ensure that you feel happier in the long-term.


5. It Eliminates Anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety, karate can help. Recent studies have shown that for those who have anxiety, exercise such as karate can not only improve mood immediately, but it can also provide a lasting solution. In fact, karate may be more effective at reducing anxiety than traditional methods such as therapy and meditation. By reducing anxiety levels, karate will improve your overall mood and make you feel happier.

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6. It Gives You More Confidence

Last but not least, karate has been proven to boost your self-esteem, ensuring that you feel more confident. Because it operates on a belt system, karate provides you with a sense of achievement as you progress from one level to the next. This sense of achievement boosts confidence levels, and having more confidence makes you feel happier overall.


Whether you’re feeling sad or stressed out, don’t let bad moods keep you stuck to the couch. Try karate to not only feel better right now, but to boost your confidence, energy levels, and overall happiness into the future.

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