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“I never think of age as a factor I believe you are as young or as old as your mind tells your body.Yes as more time passes we will do things in moderation however I have found that karate has been a great benefit in keeping me fit…”

Joe Palminteri, Goju Ryu Seiwakai Shodan (age 76)

“Sanjit is a motivated, supportive and competent instructor.  He knows how to diversify the training based on the technical and physical abilities of his students.  I have seen him in action and I can assure that you will get a great workout out of his classes whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner.”

Diego DiGiovanni, FIJLKAM Sandan (Italy) (Shito Ryu) (age 36)

“After hitting a fitness plateau, Sanjit Sensei helped me push my cardio workout to the next level. He showed me how to incorporate dynamic, tournament style fighting into my traditional karate workout.”

Crystal D. Gomez, Goju Ryu Seiwakai Nidan (age 40)

“Karate is my best insurance against aging. Training with kids a third of my age is truly challenging and gratifying. Try and you won’t regret.”

Romy Olea, Goju Ryu Seiwakai Sandan (age 58)

“During the time I trained with Sanjit he was very professional and motivating. I would recommend everyone who wants to become in better shape training with a professional such as Sanjit.”

Peter Jumrukovski, Swedish National Team Member (Shotokan)

“Sensei Sanjit is dedicated to karate and has great knowledge about the philosophy behind it. He is patient and vital in teaching us the techniques to combat.”

Irene Yip, Hong Kong

“I began training with Sensei Sanjit Mandal while attending Northeastern University in 2004. His instruction and involvement was nothing short of transformative for my karate practice. The combination of intensity, up-to-date scientific knowledge, pure enthusiasm, and professional courtesy that he brings to the floor proved to be the perfect mix to allow me to understand and practice both the physical and spiritual aspects of karate.”

 Samir Mistry, Uechi Ryu Sandan , Massachusetts


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