Karate vs Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

When it comes to martial arts, there are many different options, but most tend to associate everything with karate, however now Mixed Martial Arts (aka MMA) has developed a strong link to the association of martial arts. Karate is relatively popular as is Mixed Martial Arts. It brings the question of which one is more beneficial. It also brings up the question of what the differences between the two martial arts styles are.

There is one major difference between the two styles; their history. Karate is a form of martial arts that has been passed down for generations. It is one main style that has its own techniques and disciplines. On the other hand, Mixed Martial Arts is a mixture of different martial arts styles, usually with one style being the main focus. There are different types of MMA around the country just as there are different types of karate.

There are many martial art veterans who prefer to stay away from MMA because it is not a complete martial art. It is more like cage fighting and boxing when compared to other martial arts styles. MMA is for more entertainment purposes instead of learning about disciple and self-defense.

MMA uses strength, while karate teaches on how to use the body most efficiently and effectively regardless of size and strength. MMA leans more towards initiating an attack while karate is about defense. Remember Mr. Miyagi from the movie The Karate Kid, “Karate for defense only.” These are major differences between the two arts; they are for different situations and different personality types.

There are competitions for both MMA and karate; however, they are not the same; different objective different rules, etc. Karate competitions are usually to advance in their art perfecting each practitioner’s technique. MMA competitions are geared more towards the entertainment value for the spectators. In a karate competition, win or lose, each competitor should always maintain the upmost respect for all the other competitors because of the essence of the art, while MMA competitions have less disciple and consideration with them.

However the differences, both offer many of the same benefits to the practitioners; one is to help with self-confidence. The two forms of fighting and self-defense are physical and can help people get in shape and stay in shape; this automatically helps the student gain confidence. At the same time, learning how to fight and protect oneself will lead to gaining the confidence in everyday life. This carries over into everyday life, work, academic, relationships – it is a way of life.

Weight control and muscle conditioning is a major advantage for both forms of martial arts. Karate can be practiced at any age regardless of one’s physical condition, where MMA is all about strength and fitness and has a significantly training shelf life compared to karate and other softer arts.

There are many differences between MMA and karate and because of this neither is suitable for everyone. It is worth looking into the different types of martial arts available and find the best option for you, based on your needs, strengths and your limitations.