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Karate & Martial Arts Classes near Dublin  

When looking for karate classes in Dublin, parents and students look for several things to ensure they are getting the best experience for their hard earned money. At Tri-Valley Karate, we offer a unique karate experience. Our qualified instructors have done karate all around the world, and work together to provide meaningful instruction to all students. See how you or your children could benefit from taking karate.

Discounted Trial Period

Karate is a big commitment, requiring mental and physical strength and focus. Many newcomers may feel intimidated by attending a new dojo. To help put you or your child at ease in a new environment, we offer a discounted two week trial period that gives you a better idea of what you can expect from our classes. Come meet the instructors, get a feel for a typical class setting, and see how you can progress through the ranks in a challenging and rewarding karate course. When you attend classes during a discounted trial, be sure to come ready to:

  • Participate in the lesson
  • Move around and get sweaty
  • Push your skills to new heights
  • Have a fun experience

International Affiliations

Because our instructors come from such diverse and disciplined backgrounds, our dojo is recognized by the Japan Karatedo Federation. The JKF is one of the most widely recognized organizations for karate in the world. It is the only organization recognized by the Japanese government, and is also a part of the World Karate Federation.

At Tri-Valley Karate, our dedicated instructors have detailed resumes to back up their teaching qualifications. Students can learn from 2nd and 3rd degree black belts the skills and focus that are required for success in martial arts. Whether you want to train in karate as a hobby or to compete, our well-versed teachers can offer you quality instruction and practice.

Karate for Adults, Teens & Kids

While some may think of karate as a sport for kids and teenagers, karate Dublin is a great discipline to carry into adulthood. The balance of training, competition, and friendship gained in a dojo can be invaluable for the young and old. To encourage confidence and progress in younger students, we require that parents and students train simultaneously. There are not many organized sports that can be done together as a family. We find that our young students place more value on their training when parents are actively involved.

Enroll in Classes

If you are ready to get started with renowned instructors and exciting classes for martial arts Dublin, turn to Tri-Valley Karate for our unique approach. To take our karate classes in Dublin call us at 925-272-8348 or fill out our online form.